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Developed to extend the functionality of your Higher Logic communities and microsites.

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Notification Bell

Bring the power of notifications within your community with a built-in notification bell directly on your Higher Logic site. Instead of having members check their email to see updates and changes within your community, your members will be able to see all notifications and recent activity within Higher Logic once they log in.

Other social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have similar notifications to easily show recent activity without having to leave their site. Allow your members to see notifications and updates within Higher Logic without having to exit and check their email.

Members will get notifications when there are new discussion posts, new events posted, updates to their friend's profiles, and any other community activities.

Your community has the ability to customize the notifications that members will receive. You can choose one or more of the following customization options:

  • Friends activity
  • Event notifications
  • All community activities and updates
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All Content Feed Modernizer

Streamline the All Content Feed in your community with a simple and clean design. This integration puts a focus on the content while stripping away unnecessary information. As a community owner, your members rely on you to curate and present the best information for them in an easily-accessible way.

This plugin makes images and titles larger and includes more description text under each blog post which makes the content feed cleaner and easier to read. Once implemented, your members will be able to easily see and interact with engaging pieces of content throughout your community.

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Easy Buttons

Give your community moderators, staff, and other administrators the power to create buttons without the need to go into or even see the HTML. Easy Buttons works within the existing content editor in Higher Logic which makes it intuitive for any non-technical user who wants to create buttons.

Button are noticed and clicked approximately 50% more than text links which makes them a great way to focus attention and get your members to take action. Across Higher Logic communities, staff and administrators use buttons to easily draw attention to event signups, volunteer registrations, and for other calls-to-action within their community.

During implementation, we can also customize the colors and button style to match your company's color palette.

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Collapsible Panels

Easily implement collapsible panels on your Higher Logic site without going into the HTML. This script uses the existing content editor and formatting options within Higher Logic to make collapsible panels intuitive for any non-technical user who needs them. A simple copy and paste activates the plugin allowing you to use collapsible panels across any page.

Perfect for FAQ pages, Event pages, Meeting Agendas, and anywhere where you need to display large amounts of information cleanly.

Your staff, volunteers, and moderators don't need to be web developers in order to craft clean pages within your Higher Logic community. Once set up, administrators can put collapsible panels on any page with a single copy and paste without the need to edit or even look at HTML.

The specific colors and style of this integration are also customizable to match your company's color palette.

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